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Our new wellness area welcomes you after a day of skiing or a long walk to offer you a moment of pure relaxation.
The refuge offers its guests: Finnish Sauna, Steam bath, Emotional Shower with Arctic Mist effect, Kneipp path, Scottish shower and a relaxation area in which to relax.

Don't miss out on this new sensory experience.

The SPA is open from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm, guests will be given a sauna towel and a choice of mountain herbal teas and infusions.

Finnish Sauna


It is the original sauna or dry sauna in which the temperature reaches 90 °C, inducing an abundant transpiration of the skin, while the humidity does not exceed 10-20%, except when you throw the water on the stones
Essential oils are added to water with a balsamic effect.
Enter the Finnish sauna, relax, sweat, let the pores of the epidermis dilate and let your skin be cleaned and hydrated.

Steam Bath


Wet sauna which takes place in an environment saturated with water vapor (100% humidity) forming a stratified temperature fog (from 20/25 °C at the level of the feet at 40/50 °C at the height of the head) which, settling on the skin, it invites perspiration.
Sweating is less intense than in a very hot and dry environment like the Finnish sauna.
Promotes circulation, promotes deep cleansing and purification of the skin and has a toning and relaxing effect and reduces stress.

Scottish shower


It is a cold shower, the benefit is a deep stimulation of the circulatory system. To be truly effective, the Scottish shower must be the last of the cycle.
The scottish shower uses the temperature of the water for therapeutic purposes. It benefits those who are subjected to stress and need to find relaxation and the right psychic balance.
To achieve this, music and lights are added that help eliminate stress. It is also effective for all thre people who deal with cellulite and water retention

Kneipp route


The Kneipp Path is a cure based on the therapeutic benefits of the alternation of hot / cold water.
This technique was born in Germany and owes its name to the German priest Sebastian Kneipp who underwent numerous dives in the waters of the Danube to cure Tuberculosis.
The Kneipp path is based on the alternation of short baths in hot water and cold water. The water in which you dive is low and you start with the hot one, then proceeding with an alternation between different temperatures and ending with the cold one.
Average temperatures range between 32 °C for hot water and 20 °C for cold water.
The route also includes sprays and jets of water that act as blood flow stimulants.

Relaxation Room and Aromatherapy


Relaxing room with essential oils.
Aromatherapy uses aromatic essences also called essential or volatile oils to provide well-being or prevent disease and to treat different kind of disease. Through this holistic healing method you can act on physical, mental and spiritual processes by balancing the general state of health.

Emotional shower


This special treatment, offered in the best wellness centers, relies on the relaxing or energizing properties of water, colors ,aromas and sounds, with the aim of stimulating the senses giving pleasant sensations that positively influence our mental well-being.
It is therefore an uncommon shower, which refers to hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and music therapy, stimulating the relative senses: touch, sight, smell and hearing.

Opening hours Wellness Center

16.00 - 19.30